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Now this is an interesting find. This package of sketches corresponds to episode 11 of Get Backers: Infiltration, Infinite Castle and IL Retrieval Mission which takes place in Mugenj?. All of the douga/genga sketches are numbered and are in sequence. The total number of sketches is 30 which completes this scene C-163, 16:9 from A1 to D1. The set also included some time charts, photocopies of this latter, photocopies including a background and other sketches with notes and numbers. There are no actual close ups of Ban or Himiko but some of the sketches are pretty nice and detailed. Cost me $45 on ebay.

 Kadzuki douga

 Himiko Kudou Sketches

 Midou Ban Sketches

 Get Backers genga #1

 Photocopy of 1st Sketch

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