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6th Division Vice Captain Abari Renji
Source: Game
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: n/a yet
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 4/18/2007
Updated 4/19/2007
Well, my tastes have changed for CG animation hence I've been basically triying to convert to the digital revolution which eliminates the concept of cels. This exceptionally gorgeous genga of Abarai Renji was an unexpected find on ebay. I found it so perfect I just had to get it. The seller gave me a $15.00 discount which isnt that bad considering it originally cost him much more. The pose and art quality are very precise and above average. The condition of the sketch is mint and praise worthy. This sketch originally cost my seller about $200 dollars. It came with a sketch of a douga which wasn't as nice as this one. He told me that the original seller of this production genga was made for the Bleach video game ( not sure which) which makes it really rare. Hopefully I'll get more Bleach douga/genga since they are a must have for any collector.

Supplier: Victory Toys (ebay)

Cost: $95 + $9.50 S&H

Purchase Date: 4/17/2007

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