Welcome to "Forever Emotions " my small yet growing collection of animation cels and sketches (douga/genga) from various series such as:

  • Inuyasha Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi (SOLD)


  • Get Backers

  • Yugioh

  • Other CG Series

As some of us know, animation cels are slowly becoming a thing of the past since CG has taken over. Having the luxury of actually collecting a physical part of my obsessions is something to be quite proud of but very expensive. I'm pretty sure that I'm very much the only cel collector in Puerto Rico but it doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

All cels / sketches in my collection are currently owned by me so it's is not a " wishlist gallery ".

Extra :
  • If you wish to use any of my cel(s)images including sketches and or edited sketches please contact me to send you the image without my signature but you have to promise to link it back to this gallery.

  • * Please leave messages in the Feedback Page

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    News & Updates

    11/11/2007 Added new oversized Bleach Group sketch.
    11/9/2007 Added big scan for Bleach group sketches #1.
    7/17/2007Added Get Backers Kazuki douga.
    7/9/2007Added Xenosaga Anime Kos-Mos production sketch.

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    Title Last Updated
    BLEACH- Abarai Renji Sketches (3) 4/21/2007
    INUYASHA CELS (SOLD) (2) 8/2/2004
    SANGO CELS (SOLD) (1) 8/1/2004
    Yugioh- Seto Kaiba Sketches (1) 4/19/2007
    BLEACH- Group Sketches (2) 11/11/2007
    BLEACH Kurosaki Ichigo Sketches (3) 6/25/2007
    Fullmetal Alchemists Ed sketches (1) 5/5/2007
    Get Backers sketches (5) 7/17/2007
    Inuyasha Sketches (8) 6/25/2007
    Xenosaga the Animation (TV) (1) 7/9/2007

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